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Guangzhou Quanchutong Industrial Co., Ltd. produces capacitive touch screens and 4-wire-5-line resistive touch screens, an integrated high-tech enterprise.

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Human society will enter the era of touch screen

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In 2018, the global tablet PC market is expected to reach 1 billion users. The annual shipments of tablet PCs and the required touch sizes will be about 2 to 4 times larger than that of mobile phones from 11 inches to 17 inches, which will drive the popularity of stylus. The tide.
With the popularization of smart terminal products such as tablet computers, vehicle-mounted mobile terminals and commercial information inquiry systems, the market demand for touch screens has increased steadily. It is estimated that by 2018, the global shipment of touch screen products is expected to reach 3.5-400 million pieces/year, the market value is 31.9 billion US dollars, and the market share of mainland China products reaches 65%.
Specific introduction:
Touch screen electronic glass cover project
Company Profile:
Jiangsu Nadi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2012. After being acquired and reorganized by Pan Huaping (current sole shareholder) in July 2016, the main business has been changed from R&D and production of OGS touch screen glass cover to medium and large touch screen glass cover. Production and sales. In 2017, the company signed an investment agreement with Suining Economic and Technological Development Zone, and built a new factory in the Economic and Technological Development Zone. The new factory covers an area of ​​100 mu, and has completed 30,000 square meters of factory buildings and ancillary facilities, and reserved more than 20 open space to be built. mu.
The company moved to the new plant in December 2017, and the new plant was officially put into operation in March 2018. The company's products are divided into three categories: one is electronic consumer (laptop, tablet, media touch screen, etc.); the second is car touch screen (dashboard, central control screen, rearview mirror, etc.); three types are industrial control Touch screen (automatic device touch screen, smart home touch screen). At present, there are 300 employees, and the monthly output of touch screen glass cover is 300,000 pieces, and the monthly sales income (600-800) yuan.
product description:
Mainly used in intelligent consumer electronics and intelligent industrial equipment, such as computers, readers, advertising media, industrial control equipment, car navigation touch screen, car rearview mirror, smart home and smart terminal equipment.
Development process:
1. In order to meet the customer's requirements for the performance indicators of the glass cover and the increasing production capacity of the market, the company has invested a total of RMB 80 million in research and development production and equipment purchase costs in the first phase of the project.
2. The company has a complete production line for manufacturing touch screen glass panels. It manufactures qualified high-quality touch screen panels through precision cutting, CNC machining, intensive processing, screen printing and AF, AG, AR processing on glass surfaces. The company is equipped with advanced testing equipment, such as spectrometers, stress gauges, bending machines, high and low temperature test equipment.
3. The company has passed ISO9001 certification, ISO14000 certification and TS16949 certification for the automotive industry, and VDA6.3 certification.
4. The company's existing production workshop covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, with a total monthly production capacity of 2 million pieces. At present, the company has 300 production personnel and has a monthly production capacity of 300,000 pieces.
5, the existing direct supply client has Samsung, Sharp, Vader, Ou Feiguang, Yili and other well-known touch screen manufacturers.
advantage analysis:
1. Capacity advantage. The company has built a first-class Zhongda touch screen glass cover production workshop, and its design capacity ranks first in the industry. This is the basis for becoming a well-known large-end terminal customer to choose glass cover suppliers.
2. Service advantages. In the after-sales service, the “one-to-one-one-to-one” measure is adopted, that is, each customer has a dedicated customer service, and at the same time, relevant personnel will be dispatched to serve in the factory.
3. Technical advantages. The company has mature production technology and the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment in the industry. It can meet the performance requirements of the world's top customers. The company has passed the Samsung and Japan Sharp and domestic famous brand companies. Audit factory.
4. Resource advantages. Apply for municipal and provincial technology research and development centers, and cooperate with China University of Mining and Technology to establish a post-doctoral workstation to lead the development of intelligent automatic generation lines. Strengthen cooperation with existing equipment suppliers to speed up equipment upgrades.
5. Price advantage. At present, the product quality direct pass rate is between 75% and 85%, which is among the best in the industry. Therefore, the cost of the company's products is relatively low, and the on-line yield of the products supplied to the client is not less than 95%, so the pricing is And the auction has an absolute competitive advantage.
6. Talent advantage. With a stable and professional technical R&D team and sales team, the key employees have been employed for more than 3 years. At the same time, the company is a college student internship base of China University of Mining and Technology, preparing for the company's successor reserve.