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Guangzhou Quanchutong Industrial Co., Ltd. produces capacitive touch screens and 4-wire-5-line resistive touch screens, an integrated high-tech enterprise.

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Touch screen integrated machine use common sense

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The touch screen integrated machine is an electronic product that people use for business and query information widely. When using it, pay attention to:
1. The touch screen part is made of glass, the corners of the glass are sharp, and the assembly needs to be equipped with gloves/finger sets.
2. The touch screen part is glass fragile, and do not exert a strong impact on the touch screen during assembly.  
3. The touch screen surface is the touch surface, that is, the front side of the product; the glass surface is the non-touch surface, that is, the back of the product.
4. Avoid taking the lead directly and pick up the touch screen to avoid pulling the lead wire.
5. The lead wire reinforcement plate can not be bent. 
6. No folding is allowed in any part of the lead wire. The lead wire must be inserted horizontally during assembly and should not be folded in half at the root of the stiffener.
7. When handling the product, it needs to be handled by a single piece. Handle it gently to avoid the product colliding with each other and scratching the surface of the product.
8. When cleaning the surface of the product, wipe it with a soft cloth (deer skin) and petroleum ether.
9. Do not stack the touch screen and use the tray.
10. Finally, be careful not to wipe the surface of the touch screen film with a corrosive organic solvent. Such as industrial alcohol.
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